Thursday, July 23, 2009

wireless internet service

I am sure there many people is disappoint with the wireless internet access (CDMA 1x, 3G, EVDO) provided by many telecommunication operators. At the first time, they can surf very fast but few months later it will very slow
Many factors influence the speed of wireless internet access. It could be hardware modem issue, BTS occupancy, distance from BTS to BSC, bandwidth to internet etc. But as a customer we do not want to know about it all. We just need the service as telecommunication promise in the promotion after we paid
Usually, telecommunication operators are getting occupancy issue either BTS or internet bandwidth but mostly it is because Radio Frequency (RF) capacity. Telecommunication operators promote to have more and more customers but in many cases, the network is saturated. What happening in this case is, customer session is still there but has poor quality since many request from customers but limit bandwidth capacity. So then the session is still going on but the speed is very slow or no response from the website
I used to use Wimode modem from Bakrie telecom to access to internet and as any other telecommunication operators, sometime the speed is good but during the peak hour sometimes getting slow. Sometimes when I read a page from websites for a few minutes suddenly I can browse to the next page or I can not to access to another website. Then I have to wait for few minutes to be able to access to the next page or new website. What happen once we read the page from the website we love is our connection was terminated by the network due to our session is in dormant mode. Dormant mode is idle session once no traffic is downloaded from us. What happen in the next once we need to browse to new website or the next page is, we have to make new session again. We have to request a channel from BTS and so on
To keep the session we already made from our modem, BTS until bandwidth internet once we read a page we love for a few minute, I used to do ping session to particular website or address. This is to ensure that we always occupy a channel. Another thing, by pinging to particular website or address we will notice how fast the connection we have and prepare once the connection will be dropped

To do pinging session you can follow the steps below;
1. Click start
2. Click run
3. Click cmd then windows prompt will appear
4. type a website you want to test or address for example -t
You can identify your connection by seeing the response that appears there. The best response time is less than 1 ms (direct connection to the system or located in the same network). For CDMA 1x system, response time around 500 ms to 1500 ms is still acceptable. We can say the connection is good. But for 3G system it should be less than that. It is depending on website you want to test. And if the response time is more than that range, please prepare as in few second the session will be no response. The page you are seeing will lank.


  1. I'm using Smart broadband and it took me ages on browsing sites. (sigh)

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  4. I'm using IM2..quite good..but in some area, there are no #G signal..what a pity

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