Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bakrie Telecom launched IDD service (SLI 009)

To provide comprehensive services to their customers, telecommunication operators must provide several of telecommunication services. All possibility things that customers needed must be prepared to be delivered to their customers in short term or long term. Telecommunication operators should not focus to the one service or product only for example they focus on voice and SMS services only. In the short term, telecommunication that focused to one service only maybe will be responded well by their customers since they provide good quality of network and service. Their customer’s service maybe has no many complaints from their customers or response very well to each complaint came. But in the long term once their competitor follows their product or service and giving low tariff, telecommunication operators need to reconsider their strategic business
VOIP International Call and International Direct Dial (IDD) are two of product and service that offering many advantages for the short and long term. VOIP International Call and International Direct Dial (IDD) services will play important role once the telecommunication operators commit to have multi service based on IP. Preparing all network infrastructures and all legal thing e.g. license to get IDD service will become a positive this for the telecommunication operators to provide multi service in the future
And new commitment has just been fulfilled by Bakrie Telecom as a Telecommunication operator that allowed having International Direct Dial (IDD) service with 009. Bakrie Telecom just launched their new product for their customers and to any customers from others telecommunication operators to make an International Call with direct dial using 009 prefix. Customers just need to type 009 + country code + destination number to once they need to make an International call. For example if customer need to make a call to USA then they need to dial 0091487349xxx and so on
By offering low cheap to make international call with 009, Bakrie Telecom believe that their new product will be responded well especially by their customers and any people who need to make an International call from Indonesia
Bakrie Telecom is the third telecommunication operators that provided International Direct Dial with 009 in Indonesia. Two telecommunication operators that have come earlier are Telkom with 007 and Indosat with 001. By offering low tariff to make an international call to several destination countries, Bakrie Telecom commit to give a cheap tariff to each their product and service but having good quality. For example if customers need to make a call to USA or to several counties in Asia region, they can save more than 70% compared to others telecommunication operators. Bakrie Telecom believe that by this launching, the number of International Call will increase significant compared to previous. To avoid high cost of international call, usually telecommunication operators prefer to choose VOIP International Call instead of International Direct Dial (IDD)
Right now, any customers will be able to make international call with cheap tariff but high quality by IDD service.