Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why my mobile internet connection running so slow

For them, who has internet connection through mobile telecommunication I am sure they have much disappoints than happy. Either they are using 3G or CDMA platform they will feel the same. At the first time maybe they will so happy since their mobile internet connection is going as fast as promised by provider. But after 3 to 4 they will very disappointed since it is going so slow. And than they will complaint so hard to provider by writing a mail, calling to customer services or the final option, they will publish the complaint to news paper or another media public. It is fair if customer had such complaint since they have spent much money to have internet connection but they got nothing
To improve our knowledge, this writing is intended to share the information what really process and why their connections are failed

What is actual speed in my internet connection through mobile telecommunication?

I am sure; you will be very happy once you are dialing to have internet connection through your GSM or CDMA mobile number and it is connected. In the right below pop up menu will display the speed you will get during accessing to internet. For 3G platform it will display 3.6 Mbps or 156 Kbps in CDMA. Which such speed they can download huge data from internet very fast and access real time service without delay such as webcam, voice conference at the same time

There are many factors that can influence throughput including -
• Handset type
BTS occupancy
• RF issues
• E1 usage and issues (backhaul from BTS)
• IP network issues (routing, errors, retries etc.)
• AAA Authentication and Accounting issues
• Redknee IPCG issues
• Internet link availability and utilisation
• User Application behaviour
• Application server load and issues
• Subscriber behaviour


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