Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How is the speed of you 3G services?

About 3 years ago, at the first introduction of 3G services in Indonesia market, many customers expected that they can do browse to several websites very fast and download to huge file as well. Through 3G services, customers believe that the distance is no more issue for them to have virtual connection with their family or friends located at different city since 3G services provided video call feature in order to they can face to face to talk. Unfortunately they get not many as they expected. In this case, it seems customers have too high expectation. That is what happened to 3G services in Indonesia
At the first time, telecommunication operators are giving what they promised to their customers to have exiting experience by doing wireless internet access. A telecommunication operator offered high speed data access through 3G wireless network. For around 2-3 months, customers really got what have been promised by telecommunication operators. They got new experience to access internet through 3G services. They can connect their family and friend through video call feature provided in the 3G services. Customers need only a few minute to download huge file and real time services can be accessed very smooth. In the short sentence, customers are very satisfied with 3G services at the first introduction of this service.
Unfortunately after 2-3 months since the first introduction, the quality was going down. The quality of speed is suddenly becoming very slowly and almost they have no response from the URL address. And then cam again another telecommunication operators offer the same service and off course cheaper tariff. More people are trying to feel this experience and buying a new 3G services offered by new comer of 3G provider. And as expected before, the same case happens again. It is only around 2-3 months that 3G service is giving what they have promised. The quality of speed is becoming very bad after 2-3 months later.
Many factors are influences the quality of speed in 3G services. And the main reason is the saturation of the network either BTS capacity or internet upstream to ISP due more customers occupied network. If so, telecommunication operators should expand their network or add more bandwidth capacity to their ISP partners so then customers will get what they have been promising during promotion
This is the bad case, when my friend was trying to upload a file (around 20 KB) to update his blog/website, what happened in the next is, he was trying so many times to upload but always failed. The funny this is, he was connecting to 3G network to update his blog/website. And he is only accessing one URL address, it is a multiply. More often when you are trying to connect to 3G network, you will be responded by GPRS network. The result is you will get GPRS speed and not 3G speed or your session connected to 3G network but you get very slow speed due to high occupancy network. And in this case, my friend connected to 3G network but no traffic is coming. His session is connecting but can do nothing. It is very bad because you pay for 3G service but in many cases you get GPRS service or get nothing


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