Saturday, June 13, 2009

Comprehensive services of the telecommunication business

From customer’s perspective, they will choose any telecommunication operators that have comprehensive services. It is not enough to have traditional services (voice and SMS services) as the only one service they have. It is high risky to have it only even they offer attractive tariff to voice and SMS services to their customers. Usually in the traditional services, prepaid customers have high priority to be exploited. Telecommunication operators will offer many benefits to them by offering e.g. free call to own net call, free SMS for 100 or more SMS. But it will be a big problem if their competitor did the same. And for the consequence is there will be a high churn rate they will gain in the end on month, it is around 60% to 75%, it is very high definitely. This is common issue faced by all telecommunication operators in Indonesia. And now they are working so hard to decrease this churn rate by many strategies and methods
To have comprehensive services, telecommunication operators must provide all possibility needed by customers even it is segmented or have a less users. But telecommunication operators must not underestimate this market. Once again the comprehensive services had by telecommunication operators is having high consideration for customers to choose which telecommunication operators number they will choose, even they only use one of the services once a week. And as the result, customers will keep their number and never think to change with others number. Then automatically the churn rate will decrease
Unfortunately to have comprehensive service is not enough with innovative and destructive products and services. Both methods definitely will increase number of customers since both are very interesting. But if telecommunication operators can not maintain their innovative and disruptive products and services, then the same way will be followed by their competitor. To have comprehensive services, it is required more investment for long term to make new products and services in the future. It is necessary as the consequence of variety of services.
What are another services and products to make comprehensive services? To fulfill comprehensive services despite of existing traditional services (prepaid voice and SMS services) here;

1. Data services
Any platform they have, telecommunication platform actually have data service through their existing network with few additional infrastructure. Few years ago maybe most of telecommunication customers do not need data services in their mobile or fix telecommunication. But right now they are used to access this service for few hours per day for variety of business. It is very important to have data service to their customers. It is not stopping here; telecommunication operators must evolutes their data service platform to the latest technology to fulfill customers’ requirements. For example, telecommunication operator who have CDMA platform and CDMA 1x Rtt as product of data service, they must migrate the network to the next generation e.g. WCDMA or EVDO to have high speed data access. Meanwhile for GSM platform, they can upgrade the product of data service to the 3G network. They must involve to any new technology offered by Telecommunication Regulatory Board (government). For example, in the next month, there will be WIMAX bidding, all telecommunication operators must follow this biding and trying to win it
Many attractive service and product can be supported by data services to maintain the customers. It is like a free internet access to ‘pump’ the customers’ growth.

2. Value Adds Services (VAS)
This is an adaptive service. Many services can be offered through Value Ads Service (VAS) by using existing network or adding few of network elements to have variety of Value Adds Service (VAS). Herewith some example for these services;
a. BREW Services
This is application that embedded in the handsets. Through this kind of handset, telecommunication operators can offer many attractive services to their customers. For example; ESIA HIDAYAH, ESIA KASIH, ESIA FU, ESIA BALI
b. Application registration services
Through application registration services, customers will receive many benefit services. For example, daily wisdom through SMS, horoscope through BREW handsets etc
c. Ring back tone
Customers can choose any ring tone will available during some body call him

d. SMS contents
For example; information about new songs, news, sport etc

e. Download content services
Customer will capable to download any ring tone, true tone, image and game from their handsets

f. E-menu
Through this service, customer will choose any information or optimize any benefit they can get. For example, discount to buy something, discount to watch a movie etc

g. WAP service
Mobile internet access through the handsets

3. VOIP International call service
This is international call services for their customers only by using specific dial codes. With this service, customers will pay cheaper

4. International Direct Dial
This is international call that can be used by any customers from any telecommunication operators by using access code they have that assigned by Regulator


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