Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Telecommunication, The Business that will never bankrupt

The world financial crisis produces every industry all around the going down. We can see company fire their employee almost everyday and many companies bankrupt at this time especially they which involved exporting the products and importing material to produce the stuff. Some of them can not pay their employee due they gain nothing from the products they have been made. Market is going down dramatically at this time.

Actually, this crisis is impacting as well to telecommunication industry but it is not significant especially to them who have steady customers but it will have significant impact if they are new telecommunication operators due to they still a lot of network infrastructure to deploy the network and almost 90% of the component are imported. Telecommunication operators which faced this problem used to they postpone all the network deployment. By this option which means they will only have existing network infrastructure that limited, they still can get much revenue

Why they still can get much revenue? Telecommunication operators still can get much revenue by offering many products and services e.g. low tariff and save bundling packages. The financial crisis force any one and any company to save to any outcome and choosing the low tariff for their communication purpose is the smart choice. Moreover, financial crisis make every one postpone going to abroad but they still need to communicate with their business partner or family. To fulfill this purpose, VOIP call is the best option

Telecommunication industry can make more innovative products and services and they still can gain more revenue and they only need a few investments to support their innovation. Making more innovation means they will gain more revenue, for example, providing cheap handset to their customers, giving promotion tariff, free internet access at the certainty period and many more

The fact is, financial crisis make everybody do more make a call to replace the trip plan and another activity to save their money e.g. make a conversation through email, sending the greeting through SMS/MMS etc. this situation definitely will increase the revenue of telecommunication industry.

Moreover, telecommunication industries need a very less improvement of the network to cover many customers. In other word, they will deploy the new network infrastructure if only their network is saturate. Usually to reach such condition need a long time since the first deployment unless no competitor at that region so then people subscribe to this telecommunication operator only. It means, by one deployment plan they can plan to gain as many customers and as much as revenue. They only need to maintain and optimize the network infrastructure once it is done

Telecommunication business will keep going increase more and more day by day since they will be a basic need for the people. Moreover, telecommunication business offer more attractive products and services which believed will be appreciate very people now and the future e.g. high speed wireless internet access through 3G, 4G, EVDO, comprehensive call through multimedia service, and more and more application services.

That is all the reason why telecommunication business will always gain much revenue in any situation and will always be a tempting business for long time


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