Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gadget for Bali people

Bali, as a one of the most beautiful island in the world is a trigger for all mobile and fixes telecommunication operators to compete to get as many as subscribers in this island. Successfully market campaigned in this area will have many advantages for the operators. Their brand will known well by tourists and more ARPU will be received in the end of month. This is reasonable since mostly tourist will make international call rather than local call. The attempts to meet this proposes have been done by many strategies e.g. strengthen network infrastructure, expanding coverage area, giving more low price to make international call etc. Almost the all operators did the same but recently have introduced to campaigned to meet this proposed by deploying the gadget dedicated for Bali people. Gadget was called Esia Swastiastu is dedicated to Hindu people in Bali island consist of many feature related to Hindu. This launched it very acceptable since almost 90% Bali people is Hindu. Through the gadget, subscribers will get many Hindu's contents. Actually this gadget is like gadgets have been launched by Bakrie Telecom early, ESIA Hidayah and ESIA Kasih. Now they provided the same for Hindu peoples in Bali island. Since this is gadget for Hindu peoples, then the contents available there are fully religion based. We can see it from the design of gadgets.
How subscribers can access all of the contents and applications inside the gadgets?
It is the same with other gadgets with the same platform, once subscriber number has been activated then register to the each application available indeed. Subscriber need only to push the bottom provided to subscribe the application. Few seconds later, subscriber will receive notification that the subscription is approved. The same procedure as ESIA Hidayah and ESIA Kasih are required once subscriber need to access download contents available in this gadget.
There are many features available in this gadget, they are;
- Kalender Bali
This is Hindu's calendar
- Penanda waktu Tri Sandhya
This feature will remind subscriber once the praying time is coming
- Pustaka Bali
This allow subscriber to read Hindu's Holly Book
- Gending Bali
This is ringtone content
- Wallpaper Bali
This feature allow subscribers to download wall paper
The subscription applications in this gadget are Kalender Bali, Penanda Waktu Tri Sandhya and Pustaka Bali. To receive all of these application and contents indeed, subscriber need to register for a week. Each application is Rp 1000 per a week. Meanwhile download contents are Gending Bali and Wallpaper Bali. To receive all of these, subscriber only need to push download bottoms available in each contents. The price is available in the content. Then once subscribers need to stop the application, they only need to push un-register bottom available inside


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