Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gadget for Christian

One mobile telecommunication product has been launched by Bakrie Telecom to Christian Peoples in Indonesia. After their previous product for Moslem people (ESIA Hidayah) was succeed, Bakrie Telecom design new product for Indonesian Christian people. These segmented products are accepted well by Indonesian people since many features are available and obviously low price. It is like a gadget for Moslem people, in the gadgets for Christian people (was called ESIA Kasih) are available Holy bible contents and praying for Christian. Both applications can be accessed once subscribers have register to this application. And once registration is accepted then for a week subscribers will free to access both contents any where and any time. Subscribers only need to pay Rp 1000 per content for a week. Despite of both applications, there is one more application that only available in such bundled gadget, that is ESIA SHOP. It is same like a ESIA SHOP in the Moslem gadgets, here are available many things related to Christian e.g. Christian ring tones, Christian wallpaper etc. And how it will be charged is like a charging in the Moslem gadget.

Once subscriber has bought this gadget, the first thing he/she need to do is activate the number inserted inside by registering to 4444 number. Mobile telecommunication provider will require subscriber identity before activate the number. Once all subscriber identify is complete then the next step need to be done by subscriber is making a first call. If they do not do this step and directly register to Christian application (Holy Bible or Praying) then it will fail. In the IN system, the first calling is to change the status of number form IDLE to ACTIVE.
The next step if subscriber needs to enjoy the applications then just push the registration bottom. Disclaimer then will be sent to subscriber by SMS showing that application is approved and application will valid for one week only.

Then subscriber can access three applications, they are;

1. Holy Bible

Subscriber can read Holy Bible by pushing the bottom inside then gadget will receive Holy Bible content from the application server. In this session, Holy Bible is not saved in the gadget memory but in the server. This feature can be accessed anywhere

2. Praying

The same process need to done to access this feature. Many Christian prays are available. Subscriber can choose any pray he want by clicking his choice


It is different with both previous applications; ESIA SHOP can be downloaded and saved in the subscriber gadget. Contents have different price here.


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