Saturday, May 30, 2009

Opera Mini Vs WAP application

To accompany you once you “trapped” at the moment you can do nothing, surfing internet through WAP application or Opera Mini in your mobile phone is a good decision. Or may be when you want to waste your time during waiting for someone you do not know when he/she will come to, browsing the favorites sites through your gadget will forget your waiting time. Surfing internet through mobile phone is very simple and very fun to accompany you anywhere and anytime once you need “a friend” at your lonely time

There are two famous websites used to be visited by people during accessing internet through mobile phone, they are and Both are social networksmikroblogs”. As we know right now social network is booming in all around the world. Providing the social network website that can be accessed through a mobile phone/gadget is a smart idea. People will connect each other anytime and anywhere easily as they only need to spent a few time to let anyone in around the world know what you do right now and sending new recent photograph to anyone

If you want to access both URL through Opera Mini or WAP application then there will be different view you will got. Any websites you visit will have different view between Opera Mini and WAP Application. Opera Mini will display same page as you access it through laptop/PC through internet office. Each page will be displayed by Opera Mini browser is fast enough even it is the real view once you accessing through PC/Laptop. It can happen due to Opera Mini browser convert the page to the different format packet to be a simple and small packet.
Meanwhile through WAP application, usually depend on its websites servers either they provide WAP format website or not. If they provide then the simple page will be displayed in the WAP browser and usually the page is different in comparison with the page you access through Laptop/PC. We need to try for some time so we understand much and more friendly about each page available in the websites. But generally, websites will be displayed as same page with accessing through Laptop/PC.

Opera Mini browser is more easy and simple to be used than WAP application browser. Usually, people choose Opera Mini as the browser in their mobile phone/gadget due to both reasons above. And another reason is through Opera Mini browser, page will be displayed as the same one when accessing the page with laptop/PC. But sometimes for few websites, both Opera Mini and WAP browser will display the same page. It is because Opera Mini give option can be chosen by people during accessing its page

For example you need to access By using WAP browser, the first page will you find is simple preview about this site and account you have to type. No more information we can find here before we log on. Meanwhile by using Opera Mini, there are two type of view page available there and we have to choose one of them. If we choose “standard” option then the page will be displayed as we see it by using Laptop/PC. By default, Opera Mini will display the same page as using WAP browser. “Standard” option will display more information about than WAP browser. We can choose language we want, join to this community and more menus as you will see them at your laptop/PC

So which browser you like the most? You decide it


  1. opera mini lebih menang....karena lebih mudah dalam penggunaannya...
    seorang pengguna jelas akan memilih yg paling mudah dalam penggunaannya...

    good info bro....salam kenal juga....

  2. bagus yg mana iia..??

    hi jg ..
    makasih udah berkunjung .. ^^

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  4. Hello My Friend keep visit here..thanks for visit and follow my blog

  5. jejak sijagur pada tanggal 31 mei 2009

  6. met siang yah.. propy free

    lumayan loh pas daftar dapat $15

  7. berkunjung sob...
    salam kenal...

  8. Aku juga pake opera mini,...

    makasih yah udah mampir.

  9. sayangnya, opera mini yang gw pake kurang bagus, gak tahu knapa yach??????? salam kenal juga

  10. mampir lg disini sob..
    nice artikel..

  11. Akhirnya ketemu juga nih Artikel, di cari2 ternyata ada di sini...thanks kawan...

  12. I just know about it .. thanks

  13. Dua-duanya bisa diandalkan..
    TFS frenz :)

  14. opera mini lebih praktikal tapi terpulang dari jaringan yang ada.