Friday, September 11, 2009

Telecommunication engineer: hard worker but care to family

Telecommunication engineer should work hard to maintain the telecommunication service run well for 24 hours and seven days but it does mean that you give your 24 hours for office and ignore your own business including your family. To the office, telecommunication engineer should commit that they will do their job professional but family is the first priority. Give your time for your office proportionally and give first priority to your family.

Usually the weekend is a best time for them to meet the family and invite them to go to the supermarket or shop to buy some stuff. For them who has a baby, it is time to buy some stuff for the baby such as Baby Bedding Sets, cloths, milk, diapers etc. Medical checking and immunization also the important things they will not missed during this weekend. One or more those activities perhaps take a long time due to we need to find a good stuff to ensure that our baby will feel comfort and sleep well. For example when we buy a baby crib and bedding, it should be from natural cotton materials with high quality and will not irritate to the baby skin. It is also should help baby sleep well over the night and breath easy. To find a good stuff which meet requirement above, we should take more time while choosing. Those requirements are to ensure that our baby will not get a problem such as irritation and can not sleep well over the night. It does mean that we should spend much money to have such stuff; we just need more time and patient to find such stuff with fairy price.

Spending more time during weekend with family to find good stuff such above is indicating our care to family. It is fine and suggested since we have spent almost the entire of our time to office. It is a risk while you are working on Telecommunication Company which has many products and services and the engineer should maintain them every time to make sure that service run well


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