Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time is a bomb

Time is money, it valid for them whom work 24 hours to achieve target as much as they can. But for some people and some cases, time is a bomb. It is clicking minute by minute and once they can not reach the target than bomb…!!. The second opinion is suit especially for them who work on service business such as telecommunication industry. For their engineer who has to maintain the service for 24 hours and seven days the keep the service in a live, time is the first they will consider while the problem coming. For example they face a problem on wireless internet service and impact to all of their subscribers. Fixing this problem as soon as possible is the first thing they have to do otherwise the will lose much revenue. Longer the problem happens, much more revenue they will lose.

To anticipate and ensure that they since on the track when they troubleshoot the problem, telecommunication engineers must equipped them selves with some tools to support their work. One of them is wearing a watch then they can check every single second status of the problem. Many option they can wear to make them look comfortable and elegance. Citizen Watches which offering many models and color could be one of the options. It is suit for them while they do troubleshoot as they can monitor their activity every minute. By wearing Citizen Watches, they will have high motivation to fix the problem immediately otherwise their superior will reprimand them.

ROTARY WATCHES which have artistic model also can be another option they can wear. Variety of design and color is suit for telecommunication engineer whom usually work on many environment. The model is very elegance and able to make them more confident while do troubleshooting. Every minute telecommunication engineer has to look in to the watch and count how long the problem has occurred. Some cases, their supperior already assigned certainty duration to fix the problem and while it missed, they will get a penalty, poor for them. It is a risk for working on the service business such as telecommunication industry. Time is very important while a problem coming

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