Thursday, September 10, 2009

Debt management of Telecommunication Company

Financial crisis is occurring to every business sector including telecommunication business which managed which the wrong way. Actually, this financial crisis, there should be no impact to telecommunication industry but sometimes the telecommunication company owner invest their money to different sector rather than invest new infrastructures to gain more subscribers. Some of them also have huge debt to the certainty financial consortium which getting bankruptcy and as the result they will experience the same

Debt management of the telecommunication business is very critical to avoid undesired thing such getting bankruptcy during on financial crisis. As we know that almost telecommunication infrastructures are imported and usually Telecommunication Company debt to vendor for long time beside to financial consortium. Some of them take capital loan from local and foreign banks to finance their project to deploy network infrastructures continuously. As a result, they have obligation to pay back their debts. In this situation, Telecommunication Company needs to counsel to professional credit counselor to manage their debts and manage the financial of company in the future. Telecommunication Company also can go to non profit debt management that will help them to understand how much their obligation to the bank, vendor and financial consortium and how much non secure the debt you have

This is a preventive action to their financial condition getting worst due financial crisis and to maintain the credibility to their subscribers. Through the right debt management they already got from their financial consultant, they hope they can survive during this financial crisis. It is very ridiculous that their competitors are gaining more profit during financial crisis and still survive but there is one or more telecommunication company are getting bankruptcy due to their financial was managed improperly. Telecommunication Company should survive on any condition