Saturday, September 12, 2009

Decorate your telecommunication office with Martha Stewart online

When a big problem coming such as optical fiber cut and it was interrupted to the entire of telecommunication services, it is really a bad day for all of telecommunication engineers. They should fix it immediately other wise there will be more complaints coming to the customer’s service. They will face the same problem and have to ready to fix it immediately anytime once it is happening. We can summarize that when they come to office they have to ready to face so many problems that will always come everyday. They just will be free from such activity when they go home and meet their family

One thing that management of Telecommunication Company can do to make the engineers feel more comfortable, relax and high motivation during on the office is decorating the office so then it looks beautiful and eye catching. Loading each corner with various fresh flowers from Martha Stewart online is great idea to impress their engineer entire of day. Surrounding each desk also can be decorated with beautiful flower such as yellow sunflower, lemon lily and hydrangea.

By decorating with fresh flowers everyday telecommunication engineer will feel always fresh and keep smiling even though they should work so hard to fix the many network problems everyday. Finding the office on such condition, we sure that they will make the office as a second home and can wait to come to office and will late to come home.


  1. good idea
    it will be a awesome office

  2. friend this is very useful posting, ya you're right the engineer should feel like home while working :)