Monday, August 3, 2009

The speed quality of Wireless Internet Service

The speed quality of Wireless Internet Service (CDMA, 3G, GPRS or EVDO) was influenced by many factors and one of them is internet bandwidth to international gateway. Usually, telecommunication operators have limited bandwidth to international gateway due to budget reason. If telecommunication operators have enough international bandwidth, the speed will fast enough and as the result, they will get a less complaint from customers and vice versa if they have a limited international bandwidth, they will have poor performance and more complaint from their customers. The main issue to the telecommunication operators is; it is very expensive to have international bandwidth and they must think man times before they decide to add more bandwidth once they experience lack of bandwidth

Telecommunication operators used to lease a mount of bandwidth to a company that provided international bandwidth and forward it to the world wide (internet exchange). Qwest is one of them that provided such demand from any customers especially Asia. Qwest high speed internet will offer much benefit to any telecommunication operator that have been planned to have more and more bandwidth capacity in the future. As we knew that internet demand will always grow in the future and will always like that. Preparing a huge bandwidth capacity to international gateway is a good investment for the future since telecommunication industry with their entire product and service will have more and more demand from customers. Wireless internet service and VOIP call are both services that will have high demand in the future. Preparing all the network system to support both services at early is smart decision to anticipate high demand in the future. International bandwidth in one of them they need to prepare early
And talking about VOIP, it seems will be a first choice for customers once they want to make a call to abroad or long distance call. VOIP is high important role to telecommunication operators or VOIP provider and it is gaining significant revenue to the company. In many cases, VOIP service is becoming a first solution for telecommunication operators once they want to promote the call service since it is cheap and simple implementation

Usually telecommunication operator campaign a cheap tariff to make a call to local and long distance call once their competitor did the same early. This action is taken to maintain their old customer and gain new customer as many as possible. Qwest phone service also the similar method. They offer competitive price in order to gain more and more customer. To be more attractive, usually telecommunication operators and provider offer bundling packages to the service. It could be handset bundling, free call for certainty time or bundling call between local and log distance call


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