Friday, July 17, 2009

Ritz Carlton explode, Axis' Chief pallid

Jakarta - Johan Buse, Chief Marketing Officer of Axis, it may not have thought he will not comfortable this morning. Although the survivors of the incident in the Hotel Ritz Carlton, but obviously making this man Dutch nationality until the ghastly panic.

Surefire if Buse panic. During the work on the Axis, he lived in an apartment in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, one of which exploded due to allegations
bomb. Ritz explosion that is much faster subsequent explosion in the JW Marriot Hotel.

"This morning Mr. Johan Buse enter office with a pallid face and clothes are drenched. He had to walk from the apartments to Menara Dea because the car is in the
basement apartment Ritz Carlton, where he lived, could not escape, "said Head of Corporate Communication Axis, Anita Avianty, to detikINET by phone,
Friday (17/7/2009).(

The explosion happened in the Ritz Carlton Hotel and JW Marriot Hotel, was to make employees who have at Axis Menara Dea, must dievakuasi. After the security after
comb office that is located not far from the hotel around the Mega Kuningan, Axis permitted employees enter the building again.

"It is normal again. Buse and Johan Erik AAS (President Director of the Axis) has been even more pimpin meeting. If not why Erik anything. Because even though the apartment he
also in the Ritz Carlton, but he is in Pacific Place, "continued Anita.

Not like the XL dismiss its headquarter, Axis activity still continue working as usual operations.

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