Friday, August 14, 2009

More better transmission, faster the internet access

There are many types of transmission could be used by telecommunication operators to deliver the traffic from source to destination, deliver the packet from one node to another one. The type of transmission media will influence very significant to the service performance. Planning and designing the transmission media at the first deployment is very critical. Therefore, telecommunication operators used to plan it for long time, what kind of transmission they will use, what kind of network topology, how long such transmission will be deployed, when they plan to upgrade the capacity etc.

It is depending on where it will be deployed and how much capacity they want, the type of transmission media used to divide into; coaxial cable, optical fiber, wireless (microwave radio). Telecommunication operators used to use optical fiber and wireless types to their core network, backbone and service network, meanwhile coaxial cable used to for enterprise purpose
Since deploying transmission network especially backbone to carry out the service is too expensive, some of telecommunication operators used to least it from the provider. Optical fiber and high capacity of microwave radio are prefer to carry out high capacity traffic than coaxial cable. Optical fiber is high recommended but unfortunately it is very expensive and as the result, telecommunication operators used to have limited optical fiber. Meanwhile microwave radio (wireless), it depends on how much its capacity. There are many types of microwave radio (wireless) capacity

The result of this choosing is we can see at how the performance of each service they have. If they still had a lot of complaints that come to their customer service, it means that they need to increase the transmission network capacity. If you still experience call dropped during make a call, we can say that they have bad network infrastructures and transmission network could be the main issue. If you face slow speed during access to internet through wireless access internet service, you may say that their have not enough backbone network to cover all of traffic from their customers. And if you received delivery report from SMS you just send, transmission network perhaps still having problem or high utilization

Optical fiber is the best option to resolve network problem experienced by telecommunication operators. Due to some reason, they can not deploy optical fiber to the entire of their network and the budget is the main reason. High capacity of microwave radio also can fix the problem but it is the same with optical network, high capacity of microwave network also very expensive. For all of that reasons, customers will still experience call drop, slow speed and delayed SMS especially for them whom located at out of Jakarta and Java Island


  1. i like this info, giving me more options before decided something