Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Protecting telecommuncation systems

Many of telecommunication systems are placed in the location where the engineer or support team visits them once a month or once a week to maintain the system. For example Base Transceiver System (BTS) infrastructures, many BTS’s are installed on the out site and usually they are combined with the supported telecommunication systems and located in the one place what called shelter. Telecommunication operators have many of shelters as many as BTS they had. Bigger telecommunication operators more shelter they have to build.

Protecting them to void unexpected disturbance to all of Shelter they have is very critical. BTS is covering a certainty area and it is quite wide enough and if something problem to this BTS, it will result out of service to area covered by this BTS. There are many reasons why a problem comes to BTS, technical and non technical issue. Protecting the shelter itself from the unauthorized person is preventive active, moreover many BTS located on the rural area, hill and mountain which have limited access. Applying ADT security system which being monitored from the head quarter is one of the solutions to make sure that asset located in ths BTS save. By this implementation, any people enter the shelter will be noticed by our engineering that monitor this system which generates an alarms while someone open the door.

There are many ways to implement how the alarms will be generated and sent to the head quarter while someone open the shelter door or fence. Any activity there e.g. turning off the lamp in the shelter can be detected as well to have high security system.

More complicated protection system also implemented to each asset located on the head quarter as there are many critical assets there e.g. Home Local Register (HLR), Intelligent Network (IN), Short Messaging Service Centre (SMSC) etc. If a problem happens to the shelter due to unauthorized person, it is only this shelter and certainty area will out of service but if the critical infrastructures e.g. HLR, IN and SMS then the entire of the services will be interrupted.


  1. thanks for the posting.
    Security like this in shelters is important. thanks for putting the information out there.