Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The first CDMA Rev B launched in Bali

Broadband internet network of technology-based Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Evolution Data Only (EVDO) Rev B has been present in a commercial for the first time in the world through Bali, Indonesia.

The service is organized by Smart Telecom the CDMA cellular operator using the base station (BTS) from China's ZTE and Qualcomm's chipset technology from the United States.

"We deliberately choose Bali as the first launch of EVDO Rev B because Bali is the gateway to the world Indonesia internationally," said President Director of Smart Sutikno Widjaja, the launch of the Rev B at Hotel Discovery, Bali, on Sunday night (10/1/2010).

EVDO Rev B is a development of EVDO Rev A network that offers a maximum speed of 9.3 Mbps for downloading data (downloading) and 5.4 Mbps for upload (upload).

Through EVDO Rev A network is also held Smart, the maximum speed offered by Franky Widjaja owned company that until only 3.8 Mbps for downloading and 1.8 for uploads.

"With Rev. B, our broadband internet so much faster than tripled Rev A," said Head of Core Product and Branding Smart, Ruby Hermanto.

Currently, Rev. B new service was held in Bali. It was only in some places. "Just 60% of our base stations 48 in Bali," said Sutikno. According to him, the whole area of the new Bali will be served all at the end of this first quarter of 2010.

After Bali, Smart plans to expand coverage to Rev. B 32 cities that previously had been spread Rev A until the end of year. But unfortunately, both Sutikno and Ruby did not want to reveal how many base stations are ready to be upgraded and the total value of issued investment.


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