Friday, January 22, 2010

Driver Access Review

Driver Access is dedicated to providing you and your network with a reliable, fast way to download the latest drivers your computer systems needs with as little time and hassle as necessary. The tech support team with Driver Access understands how important it is for computer drivers to remain current and updated in order to function at optimum capacity. With membership, you are able to access popular Windows drivers, as well as a database of over 5 million drivers so that you can find those driver updates that are specific to your computer and download them.

Tech and customer support accounts for a huge portion of the difference between Driver Access and other sites. Quick responses from tech teams, and detailed instructions, coupled with easy download systems and a comprehensive computer driver database take the work out of your hands. Driver Access continually works for you with scans that install necessary driver updates, only downloads those window drivers that are necessary for your system, and does the extra work to back up existing drivers.

When it comes to an all around good service, Driver Access provides that with its comprehensive features. The need for updated computer drivers is met, and the added benefits of a good service team help you trouble shoot a wide variety of PC problems. Once your updated driver needs are met, you can really appreciate the service that Driver Access provides with the additional updates and regular backups that take just minutes to complete. A more reliable service is hard to come by.


  1. The driveraccess site and their online collector, clickbank, DO NOT allow the Norton Toolbar to appear in the browser window. I clicked to use PayPal and it still did not appear. I declined to use the service.

  2. I cannot remove it from my system - the pop up is annoying and incessant. JB

  3. I removed through control panel and it still appears by way of incessant pop up.

  4. I am still trying to get rid of the popup. I followed driver acess instructions and get nowhere. somone please post a way to really delete it . it is really annoying