Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Avoiding undesired things to the telecommunication system

Telecommunication business is involving the latest high technology either telecommunication technology it self or technology which support them. It is reasonable to protect the entire of telecommunication assets with high security system. Many methods will be applied to the entire of telecommunication system and support system including security room, laptop/PC etc. One of the important things is ensuring that PC/laptop used by employee or telecommunication vendors save from the viruses which could attack to the telecommunication system. As you know that there will be a lot of high secret information or file related to the telecommunication system which is kept on the employee’s PC/Laptop.

Ensuring all activities did by employees and telecommunication vendors are really critical to avoid undesired thing such as hacking and spamming which may come from any people. To execute such activities, telecommunication companies could install computer spy to each Laptop/PC attached to the network. This is anticipating action to reduce massive problem caused by human error or virus and hacker attacking through computer. The computer spy can increase the employees’ productivity as they notice that any activity on their laptop/PC will be noted. They will be more carefully once company announce that they can detect any activity and any file on each Laptop/PC connected to the LAN network and will give restriction once company notice that employee or vendor did undesired purposes.

Telecommunication Company will achieve many benefits once they plan to insert computer spy to the employee and telecommunication vendor for security purpose regularly. The output is Telecommunication Company will have much more revenue and as the result, employee will get benefits as well through remuneration and bonus due to high productivity.


  1. yeah ,telco operator should anticipate everithing

  2. now technology become very important for human life, all needed technology,companies have to improve their quality.