Monday, November 16, 2009

Linux base to support powerfully game server

The trend of Games online that popular at the beginning of this decade generated new habit for gamers, that is staying longer in front of computer and become addicted to any people. There are many games that we can play on internet and have difficulty level start form beginner to advance.

The Online Game Service provider should prepare a good infrastructure starting from network and server. They need to optimize network and server to support games online and make sure they are running well. The Game Server should be powerful for user while they accessing from the client. They should have a good hosting for ensure their game server running well. In this level, it is really crucial to decide what kind of operating system will be installed on the server and where it will be hosted. One of the options is linux bases where it is very powerful to the virus attack since it will be accessed by many people all around the world through internet. Game online providers should choose best linux web hosting to accommodate those purposes.

Gamers could play a lovely online game whenever and wherever they want to. Sometimes they play on the public internet service (warnet) and sometimes through high speed internet access provided by telecommunication companies such as 3G and EVDO services. Actually this is a good opportunity for each telecommunication companies which provided wireless internet service. Telecommunication companies also can create the same product and service to accommodate gamer habit. The important thing while they plan to do so is the capability of server to handle huge traffic, web hosting where they will place the server and what the best operating system they will install. Those parameters to make sure that there will be no interruption on the service while huge traffic hit the server.


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