Friday, November 20, 2009

When telecommunication engineer is taking out door activity

Customer complaint will always happen when we are working on Telco Company. There are many services and products owned by Telco Company, and when one of the services goes down and then customers will complaint. Customer service officer will handle complain and give explanation to the customer; Customer service officer must be prepared with good knowledge and good complaint handling tools. Solving problem on the telecommunication infrastructures will be handled by technical team who responsible to manage the service. Good Team and good coordination are needed for solving the problem faster and reduce more complaints for customers
To reduce problem on the telecommunication services, telecommunication network and system must have a routine maintenance to prevent undesired things happen again. It is not only telecommunication system which should be maintained periodically but telecommunication engineer who has work hard to solve the problem has to be maintain as well including refreshing the body and soul. Taking a vacation is a good idea for met this purpose
We can go holiday with team periodically and filled with activities that can make more refresh. Adventures activity is a good one to have our body and soul getting relaxed. Moreover telecommunication engineer prefer to choose out door activity while they on vacation rather than in door one. To prepare such activity, telecommunication engineer should prepare everything such as boots, camping tool etc. Ugg boots could be one of choice while they want to prepare the activity. Ugg is providing many options while you plan to have out door activity with your family or your business partner. More over, ugg boots sale is growing day by day which means that it helps them very significant with any activity such as our door activity. It will helpful when they prepare everything before they leave to have out door activity as missing a little thing could disturb the whole activity and I am sure we do not want


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