Sunday, October 4, 2009

CDMA 1x services offered by Bakrie Telecom

Lack of RF capacity is a common issue once internet service through CDMA 2000 1x introduced to subscribers. It is because mostly mobile telecommunication operators have limited band frequency (license issue)
There some new services can be deploy in the CDMA 1xRtt network, they are:

1.CDMA 1xRtt service
This is internet service using same RF channel in the BTS. Subscribers will allow to access internet service by making Point to Point (PPP) session from the subscriber device to close BTS then to BSC. This BSC will connect to PDSN that will provide internet connection to subscribers
some of these products have been introduced to the market by PT Bakrie Telecom as one of CDMA operator in Indonesia. Commonly, CDMA operator is not focusing in this service due to many reasons. PT Bakrie Telecom has provided the dedicated products to serve this service. Some of them are;
This is terminals that support a modem device to attach to PC or laptop though serial interface to make PPP calls then connect to internet. Calling and SMS function are available as a main feature in this terminal

This is are modem device to make PPP session call by attaching directly to the PC or Laptop then access to internet

2.WAP service
WAP is the protocol to provide internet service or value added service such a download contain through the high end handset that support java application. Subscriber can access both services directly through the handset without any additional device. This is client server platform. Handsets are the client meanwhile server should be provided by operators in their network as a proxy gateway to access to internet or to others application service such a download contain

3.Value added services
There are some these products have been in the market such a ESIA HIDAYAH, ESIA KASIH, ESIA SLANK and ESIA FU. They all was offered by PT Bakrie Telecom with many feature are available in these handsets

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