Saturday, October 10, 2009

Plan to get a better live

Any people plan to have better live in the future than now so then they start to study in the best college and subject such telecommunication business or technology and plan to work on the famous and poplar company such as telecommunication industry. They should complete it one by one and go the next level once it complete. As the new employee of telecommunication industry, you will still be able to get some pleasures with your salary you earned every month and save for your future. The next level you should do is getting married and makes a happy family. Actually this is a difficulty level they should do especially for the new telecommunication employee but you should do if you plan to have completely live.

The real problem will come for some of them while they start to live together as a wife and husband in the big city where they placed by their company to work for. The problem is how to get own home. As you know that home located around the big city is very expensive and it is impossible for some of them to buy cash. Usually, when they decide to go to this level, they will take Home Loans from the banks, financial institution or company. Lucky for them who have rich parents, usually they will buy it with cash but for some of them they have to but it by credit. They can get it from any banks or financial company as long as the rate is reasonable and refer to the local central bank rate and easy to get it. As we know sometime some of them are requiring many conditions and people get some difficulty to get loans.

A home located at around the big city must very expensive and telecommunication employee should take many loans. Therefore some of them are buying a home that located far enough from the office (it take around one hour by bus or motor cycle) which bigger and cheaper. The thing that they should consider is that they will take a long time to reach office and they will get tired while on the trip but they have to work so hard during in the office to maintain the telecommunication infrastructures on fix the problem which interrupt the telecommunication services such optical fiber etc

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