Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Casual dresses to resolve technical problems

Sometimes technical issue is not to be fixed by technical effort, sometimes they can be fixed by non technical effort. This kind of statement is valid to any kind of business including telecommunication business. This condition can happen to internal telecommunication company itself or between Telecommunication Company and their vendor company. To the case of relationship between telecommunication and Vendor Company, usually vendor is on the weak position. They are often the ones who get the blame for most issues arise especially on technical issue.

To resolve technical issue, sometimes vendor company need to discus detailed with telecommunication company to identify what the root problem is and how the best way to fix it. Actually friendly and smooth discussion is required in this situation to achieve maximum result but definitely Telecommunication Company will join in this discussion with high emotion due to their telecommunication service is interrupted by the problem caused by vendor. To make a friendly and smooth discussion, Vendor Company can invite their women employees with casual dresses to join the discussion. In addition, Vendor Company can held this discussion at out of office hour and relax time e.g. dinner time

The present of women employees with casual dresses can melt the situation to be friendlier. Telecommunication Company also will appreciate this effort and understand that vendor company responsible and try the best solution to fix the problem which interrupted the telecommunication service. Finally both sides can find a good understanding and best solution even though it is non technical solution

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