Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technical review of Webhosting Company

Telecommunication Company can not avoid to connect one or more their telecommunication services to the three parties server which may locate in anywhere around the world. This kind of connection usually happens to Value Added Service (VAS). Telecommunication Company can not create their own service through the entire of telecommunication network locate in the Head Quarter or branch where they can be reached by their own telecommunication infrastructures. Meanwhile three party’s server usually has to retrieve many requests from the subscriber to access many applications or visit it to download many kinds of contents

The problem will come once the server has limited capacity or hosted in the untrustworthy web hosting company. Sometimes this is happening and did by three party partners due to many reasons such reducing the cost, less traffic hit the server, simple application installed in the server then can be hosted to any web hosting company etc. Telecommunication Company’s partner needs to consider well and carefully while they have make a deal with them to have such connection. They need to think many things while they agree to make their server as the only application service that will be hit by subscribers for 24 hours and seven days continuously.
The most important things they need to consider before they decide which the web hosting company they will choose to place the server is bandwidth capacity and technical support for 24 hours and 7 days to anticipate undesired thing. Telecommunication service such as Value Added Service (VAS) is giving guarantee that many subscribers will hit the application from their mobile phone and visit to the application server for long time to do many things such as download contents etc. therefore, technical support of web hosting company is being the most valuable issue while they want to hosted the application server


  1. i think telco company should consider many aspects while they want to do it

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