Thursday, September 17, 2009

Protecting the main assets

The first thing when telecommunication provider plans to install Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) room that perhaps more than one wide room at different floor to place telecommunication core network, they will install the CCTV security systems. The purpose of this installation is to make sure that every worker will work according to the plan and definitely protecting their assets. MSC room will be installed the main assets of telecommunication company such as Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), Base Station Controller (BSC) and Intelligent Network (IN). To monitor all of these assets and telecommunication provider will equip those rooms with high security systems.

There will be so many workers from many vendors while installation time begins. They will not know each others as they could be affiliate to different company but they should work together to complete each of their job on schedule. Facing such condition, it is very urgent for telecommunication provider as the owner all of the assets to monitor this activity daily base analyze anomaly condition which impact the schedule of work. To record their activity everyday during installation process, they also need to install CCTV recorders at strategic place to cover entire room. By recording the activity everyday for 24 hours, telecommunication provider will be easy to analyze an incident happen during installation process. They also can state who responsible to this incident is through this recording. The point is everyone will work carefully while they work on MSC room since they are installing the main assets of telecommunication provider. The successful of this job will affect to the performance of telecommunication provider in the future. Telecommunication provider can continue to the next level to create many telecommunication services while they have completed the installation process on the MSC rooms.

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