Monday, September 14, 2009

Make your telecommunication engineer comfort in the office

When people plan to stay for long time at the new house or visit to home’s friend, the first thing they will give more attention is how the bathrooms condition is. Some one will decide to postpone buying a new house while they find that the bathroom is not clean enough, eye catching and has a common design. The same value also will be given by telecommunication engineers while they work in their office. They will very happy and comfort to stay for long time at the office while they find that they have beautiful bathrooms, wide, clean and smelling good every time. As you know telecommunication engineer should work more than eight hours almost every day to fix many problems on their telecommunication services. Sometimes they should stay in the office over the night to fix emergency problem and they need several times to refresh at the bathroom so then they keep wake up and keep having high motivation

They will feel more comfortable to stay for long time while they were supported non technical facility such as bathroom with beautiful tile, luxury furniture, big baths and various shower system. Sometimes they need to take a bath as well after they work over the night. Imagine if their office has a common bathroom with lusterless floor and accessories inside, I am sure they will bore and can not wait to leave the office immediately once they fix the problem. More over, Telecommunication Company usually has many engineers and many partners (vendor and three parties companies) work in the same office. Providing several big size bathrooms will make them very comfortable to work. It is also can build a good image to the telecommunication company itself when visitors get a good impression to the their bathrooms


  1. it seems to talk about my office :):)

  2. Great information. It was helpful and informative. Did not bathrooms had that much of an impart. Thanks for this

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