Wednesday, September 9, 2009

High capability and capacity of download content server

Many kind of telecommunication services need support from back end server that should be placed on the public network. Actually placing them on the internal network – could be in the head office – is more safety than on public network but for many reasons they should placed on it. The telecommunications services which need the server on public network e.g. download content services as part of Value Added Services (VAS). Download content service is working on IP based. While subscribers try to download content through their mobile phone, sources address will reach the server to reach content. As we know that there could many simultaneous subscribers did the same and could be more than a thousand per hour. Since telecommunication company place the download content server on the public network, it should have high capability and capacity to handle this much subscribers.

The server should capable to huge request from subscribers at the same time. Therefore they need to place the server on the web hosting company which has high bandwidth capacity, storage system , reliability and definitely quick response from technical support while problem coming. We can find many promotions from web hosting company which offered the requirement above but we do not know exactly whether all of them meet the requirement. This is why we need to read review from their existing clients and compare each other about their product and service at many media or forums. Through this way, we will notice whether they get satisfaction or much complaint to their service. This method is fairy than reading their promotion that offering much benefit but come so many problems in the future

Telecommunication Company will try to avoid such condition. They prefer to choose web hosting company which has good reputable and expensive rather than offering many packaged and cheap.


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