Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google Believes, Android will Beat iPhone

Android operating system is predicted to become the second largest force in the world, shifting the power of the iPhone in the year 2012. Some of the advantages offered by the power of Android to dominate mobile phone market.

'World of technology consultants Gartner predicts Android will be on the iPhone, but still below the Symbian in 2012, "said analysts Android in Indonesia, Lucky Sebastian, to ground coffee after the event ID-Android community in FX Lifestyle X'nter Jakarta Saturday (5 / 12).

Lucky explains, Android is a new operating system for mobile phone made by Google to the advantages of open source. Developers can create applications for a diverse class. This system is a new entry in Indonesia in June 2009.

"The ability of its features can make a variety of applications. Features camera, GPS, compass, so that more lives can be combined 3D GPS can be like what the original show, Augmented Reality, and other capabilities, "he explained.


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