Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deploying telecommunication infrastructures

Once the planning team finished their job to design and plan what kind of telecommunication infrastructure they will deploy and serve the customers in the market, the next step is implementing. Implementing is deployment process of telecommunication network infrastructures based on data already provided by planning team. The simple word, implementation team is responsible that the system is installed, running properly and ready for service based on schedule

The complicated step they will face during implementation is installation equipment process. As we know that telecommunication infrastructures could be placed at many places, they are not located in one place e.g. headquarter only but all around the area where they want to offer the service. The one of the equipment that must be placed at many places is Base Transceiver Station (BTS). If telecommunication want to give a service to their customers located in a mountain then the must build a BTS around the mountain. If they want to give a service to their customers located in the small isle then they must deploy at least one BTS at those places. One more thing, to place the BTS equipment, it requires a high place. You can imagine how hard they will build a tower with high 45 m or more at high place e.g. mountain and many telecommunication equipment e.g. BTS, antenna and transmission equipments

To support their implementation process, usually telecommunication operators did not do it by their selves but hired a Moving Company to deliver the entire of equipments to the location they will build a telecommunication infrastructure. Some of movers in my area are doing such jobs everyday. In this step, usually, Moving Company such as movers in Los Angeles will take the equipment from the telecommunication operator’s warehouse and then deliver it to the destination where the will build. By this cooperation, telecommunication operators will deploy the network infrastructures even located at the place which hard to be reached based on schedule since the delivery of the equipment is taken by the expert Moving Company such as New York area movers

Moving Company is responsible to deliver the equipment from the warehouse until the destination. The stuff must be the same as they take them from the warehouse and in case there are a loss material or broken, moving company responsible to fix or replace it. But usually moving company is an expert; they have many experiences to deliver the equipment to the hard location such telecommunication equipment place. Therefore, telecommunication operators can focus on the equipment implementation and prepare the system to be ready for service. By this cooperation, telecommunication operators have much time to plan to promote their service in this new area with clear mind since they do not need to think how they will the network infrastructures at the mountain


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