Saturday, November 28, 2009

Indosat: BlackBerry Onyx

BlackBerry, BlackBerry and BlackBerry. That is the most favorite promotion done by almost telecommunication companies in Indonesia especially they who have GSM platform such as Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. It is reasonable to campaign BlackBerry as the main promotion right now since it has high demand day by day. High demand on BlackBerry is really utilized well by almost telecommunication companies in Indonesia. It is definitely still having wide opportunity to any telecommunication companies who want to have the same service, BlackBerry

Indosat as one of the pioneers BlackBerry Service introduce BlackBerry series Bold 9700 to their subscribers. At the first promotion, Indosat will launch BlackBerry Bold 9700 with code Onyx about 15 thousands pieces. Onyx has been introduced by Research In Motion (RIM) as the BlackBerry producer and recommend the price approximately Rp 6,45 million exclude tax
December is the best moment to each telecommunication companies to launch their new telecommunication service. Indosat is also planning to launch BlackBerry bold series 9700, BlackBerry Onyx at December

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