Thursday, November 26, 2009


ESIA GAYAKU FM is the new innovation from Bakrie Telecom. ESIA GAYAKU FM is low end mobile phone with allowing subscriber to access many application features. The main application feature was injected on ESIA GAYAKU FM mobile phone is Facebook. To Launch ESIA GAYAKU FM, Bakrie Telecom cooperated with NEXIAN as the manufactures to produce the bundling mobile phone
With low prices, it does not mean low features. In fact, Nexian claimed as the most expensive phones because Facebook can be used to access social networking sites. Not only the launcher, but it's a Facebook application. In fact, Esia giving Facebook access to free bonus for a month for customers
The style of ESIA GAYAKU FMI looks attractive even with five retro colors, patterns straight line or a circle with the basic color orange, green, or black. Color screen is 1.5 inches with 65,000 colors. Batteries hold 120 hours of standby and 3 hours of talk time. Capacity absorb up to 500 contacts and 350 SMS. Normal price is Rp 299,000. You need to try ESIA GAYAKU FM and enjoy to access Facebook at anytime you want.


  1. esia gayaku is really shocking especially for exisisting telecom company which offered facebook

  2. jual battery nexian gayaku fm?