Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The trustworthy web hosting to support VAS service

Value Added Service (VAS) is growing up very fast since few years ago and almost telecommunication companies offer various service of Value Added Service (VAS) such as download contents (wallpaper, true tone, and game), subscription application and service based on BREW platform. The high demand on VAS service is producing many three parties company who involve o this business to earn benefit as much as possible. Since there are many three parties that should provide application servers, it is impossible to place their entire application server on the internal network telecommunication companies. Some of them should host their server on the public internet than Telecommunication Company can access them to download contents, billing purpose, updating the contents etc

Since it has critical purpose, three parties company should make sure that they place the server on the trustworthy web hosting company to avoid undesired things such as unavailable service, limited bandwidth capacity and no support when some problems come. Therefore they should visit site which provide information about top ten web hosting such how the will support us, how much price, disk space capacity, data transfer etc. This information is very useful to get trustworthy web hosting company before we decide to place our application server. There will be much loss revenue once our web hosting company has many problems and take a long time to resolve it. Since you are the partner of telecommunication companies, you will lose your reputation once your application server has so many problems. As you know that telecommunication service should has no out of service other wise there will be a lot of complaints from their subscribers


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