Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The phone number is one important aspect that affects the consumer in determining the provider, the article is often the phone number associated with the owner personally. Realizing this, Bakrie Telecom launch a product called ESIA SUKA-SUKA. With the latest products from the ESIA, the public can choose to suit his number.

"Consumers are often forced to buy anything, including phone numbers. With ESIA SUKA-SUKA, customers can choose their own phone numbers of their favorite," explained Erik Meijer, Vice President Director of PT. Bakrie Telecom, Tbk, when launches Esia SUKA-SUKA, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7 / 10).

He said, by buying a SIM Card for Rp 15,000, customers will receive the SIM Card that has not got the number. There are three ways to obtain the desired number. First, by calling * 228, the operator will guide the customer from choosing numbers until activation. The second way through the internet by clicking www.myesia.com / sukasuka or a third way to come to the outlets listed esia in their respective cities.

He says to look for a favorite number, ESIA SUKA-SUKA service provides three criteria for selecting the numbers. The first is the appropriate number of personal searches by entering the beginning, ending or not containing mengandunh sense. The second option is to use the recommended number of exciting a certain pattern and the last adalag with recommended random number.

"The search for private number do not match the activation fee.'s Use of numbers and said random numbers there activation fees," he said. Erik says, ESIA SUKA-SUKA products are marketed in all areas including Esia coverage.

However, Esia also remained prime card that has a number. "Composition with 70 percent of the card number and 30 percent Esia Sukasuka," he explained.


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  2. esia selalu penuh dgn inovasi..kalo ngga salah, esia yang duluan dgn program bicara murah (hanya 1000/jam). yg lain jadi follower..