Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Install telecommunication infrastructures on the difficult place

To gain the best quality if signal, Telecommunication Company prefers to place their network infrastructures especially Base Transceiver Station (BTS) on roof top or high land. Unfortunately, in many cases they can not find both condition and as the result they have to build high tower (more than 100 m) to gain such quality of signal. That is why, telecommunication company will very happy to find a high land at any where once they plan to install BTS equipment.

The problem comes while they want to place a BTS on the high place such as hill and mountain. You know that there will be a lot of heavy network infrastructures they need to be delivered from the head quarter or ware house to the hill or mountain where they will be installed. And as you know that you have to take care the telecommunication network infrastructures very carefully other wise they will get problem and can not run well once you have completed to install

To reduce the risk of hardware problem on the trip from their head quarter or ware house to the difficult location to be reached such as hill or mountain, usually Telecommunication Company will hire some professional moving companies to complete this job. The main job of them is responsible to deliver that telecommunication network infrastructures will arrive safety to the destination even though they hard to be reached. Depending on the field they will reach and the capacity of network infrastructures, they can provide many kind of vehicle to reach the destination such as truck and car with high capacity. Actually some of them are providing truck rental and car mover then anyone able to lease them but for the installation of telecommunication network infrastructures on the difficult place such as mountain, Telecommunication Company will not lease the truck or car mover but hire them as a moving company to deliver them. Telecommunication company will focus how to deploy new network infrastructures on target and promote their service and product as soon as possible in this new area.

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