Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SeekDroid Assists In Pin Pointing That Lost Or Stolen Telephone Droid Bond Style (Video)

SeekDroid Assists In Pin Pointing That Lost Or Stolen Telephone Droid Bond Style (Video)

Mobile location apps for misplaced or stolen gadgets have gotten a straightforward commodity to find on the ever increasing Android Market. Lookout Cellular Security’s Plan B is one such great software that lets you download the application after your system has been stolen. Nicely, SeekDroid by GTMedia is providing the same expertise with a little bit of a James Bond twist to it. With Seekdroid on board, you’re like an agent whose target is to track down that ever expensive investment of a device. It even requests you add your “agent” name as a substitute of your consumer name when logging in. Your standard cellular safety features are all there and then some. Locate your telephone precisely on a map anywhere within the world. Do you have got delicate information on the device or your SD card? No problem, just wipe it clear instantly before the theif will get a hold of anything important.

The app provides a plethora of features and guarantees that extra are on the way. One of the main causes I decided to put in writing about this app is as a result of its a mere 99¢ for the ample quantity of features and the peace of thoughts you’ll get with it. Should you’re ready to offer it a strive then head on over to our apps database where you'll find a QR code available or snatch and seize it on the Android Market. Hit the break for a full list of options and to tell us what you think of the application within the feedback section.

From The Developer:

Management the following from our secure website:

-Locate your device
-Remotely Enable GPS
-Show its location on a map
-Audible alarm (even on silent) w/ customized message
-Lock gadget w/ custom code
-Retrieve current calls
-Remotely wipe total cellphone
-Remotely wipe SD Card
-Cover from app drawer
-Disable App from being uninstalled
-Virtually no battery drain
-Works with no SIM Card
-Reteive SIM ID, IMEI, and energetic phone number
-More options coming quickly!


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