Friday, February 12, 2010

Warehousing, Assembly and Fulfillment

If you are running a warehouse business then the main key to success is organization. If a warehouse operation is not run correctly then you can end up with missed orders, delayed deliveries and general customer dissatisfaction ending in a spiral of chaos and lack of productivity. Customers that are unhappy are less likely to repeat business which is damaging to your bottom line. In addition, customers that are not happy will tell their customers, friends, clients and neighbors of their unhappy experience. Word of mouth spreads quickly and if people are going to be talking about your business then you want this to be for all the right reasons and not negatively.

Without the right system in place, it can be hard to keep track of what you have in stock, what you have sold, what you have in regard to pending orders and what is due to be delivered. Without this clarity of information it is easy for confusion to happen with record keeping and keeping on top of what needs to be ordered for future stock. This can have a massive impact on your order fulfillment.

To keep track of your product fulfillment and to ensure that customer’s experiences with your company are positive, it is advisable to have a system in place which monitors these requirements. The best way to do this effectively is to have a look at hiring a 3rd party company such as Advantage Media Services (AMS). They have systems in place to help with all types of fulfillment in a warehouse.

AMS have a great reputation for helping companies of all sizes keep track of their inventories, client orders and even making sure that they stay within budget. All of their tools are easy to use which means that they can be operated by anyone.

For any business; costs need to be as low as possible because anything you are spending unnecessarily eats into your profit margins. There is no point in spending money on stock that is not selling and vice versa. If the stock is selling then it is imperative to have replenished levels of inventory to keep up with client demands. A 3rd party inventory system allows you to do all this and to be successful in the management of stock levels is like treading a fine line.

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