Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mobile connection manager

High demand on broadband service drives many provider and manufacture of mobile broadband to fulfill customer needs. Broadband provider in this case telecommunication companies will provide affordable broadband service with various packages such as competitive tariffs. Meanwhile manufacture will provide equipment to support wireless or mobile broadband service such as modem, mobile phone, wireless Bluetooth etc
One of the important support equipment which really needed by end user of mobile broadband service is mobile connection manager for connectivity purpose to the existing wireless network. Mobile telecommunication subscriber can access to many wireless connections which available and capable to choose the fastest and the most cost-effective network available with mobile connection manager tool
While connection to the wireless connection, security is the critical issue as there will be un-trusted wireless network that will be detected by our wireless equipment. By using mobile connection management software, broadband end user can make sure that their device especially laptop will secure from any violence that may come from wireless un-trusted network
Manufacture and provider of mobile broadband service should cooperate to find out the best solution to provide the best mobile broadband service. The scheme of this cooperation could be bundling modem or data card equipment which needed by mobile telecommunication subscriber. Manufacture can develop high quality tool and embedded with phone number from its telecommunication companies. The key point is while creating this tool, they have reachable price


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